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British Society for Parasitology TriTrypDB
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American Society of Trop. Med. and Hygiene

CDC info on sleeping sickness
ProtozoaDB (BiowebDB consortium)

References & Tools

WHO info on sleeping sickness
T. brucei proteome DB at Seattle Biomed PubMed (NCBI)
TDR Splicer at Uni Bern Entrez (NCBI)
Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi) RNAit
The World of Parasites at McGill
EMBOSS (pairwise alignment)
Links to parasite images at MSU
ClustalW2 (multiple aligment)
Animal and human parasite images at KSU

Mitochondria & RNA editing

ExPASy (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)

Complex I page at Scripps
European Nucleotide Archive (ENA-EBI)

Edinburgh Facilities

KEGG Oxidative Phosphorylation pathway
Protein Data Bank
Oxidative Phosphorylation page at Leeds
Restriction Enzyme Database at NEB
Protein Production Facility
ATP synthase web site by Feniouk Table of standard genetic code
ATP synthase Walker lab (MRC MBU) Reverse Complement
Edinburgh Proteomics
Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge Conversion weight <-> moles
SIRCAMS MS facility
GOBASE Organelle Genome Database BioNumbers

MITOP Mitochondrial Proteome database Nucleic acid and protein calculations

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Larry Simpson's U-insertion/deletion database Cold Spring Harbor Protocols
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